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Join your toddler on an imaginative trip to the LEGO DUPLO Town Amusement Park (10956) and explore an amazing mix of attractions designed to engage, entertain and stimulate growing minds. Family fun at the fair! Join 7 DUPLO characters 2 women, 1 man and 4 children for colourful, captivating developmental fun at the fairground! This multifaceted toy features slides to whizz down, a mechanical carousel to ride, a large Ferris wheel with 3 colourful cabins to operate, a train to drive around the park, hot dogs to buy, plus an ice cream, camera, balloons, cupcakes, broom and teddy bear. There s even a colour-changing rainbow light to create an authentic funfair atmosphere. Hands-on educational toys for toddlersLEGO DUPLO toys put open-ended fun, self-expression and joyful learning into preschoolers hands. With DUPLO playsets, parents and young children can share precious developmental milestones as they build together.


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