Cybex Pallas S-Fix Group 1/2/3 Car Seat – Urban Black


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The Cybex Pallas S-Fix Group 1/2/3/ Car Seat will be the perfect fit for your little one aged 9 months to 12 years – thanks to the amazing 2-in-1 seat, which is designed to grow with your child. The great ventilation system provides a comfortable seat temperature for your child, even on hot days!
It has a 12-position height-adjustable headrest offers customised adjustment for comfortable protection as your child grows. Also has an extra-wide and deep seat cushion which ensures a comfortable ride for your child throughout the years.
Adjustable Impact Shield: The optimized impact shield of the Pallas S-Fix reduces the risk of serious neck injuries without confining the child and has an improved overall crash performance. The one-hand adjustment of the impact shield ensures ease of use for the parent.
The force of a head-on collision is distributed over the impact shield and absorbed by its impact-absorbing materials. This system resembles an inflated airbag and helps to significantly reduce the force of impact in the event of an accident. The harness does not injure the child, while at the same time the sensitive head, neck shoulders and inner organs are protected. The newly designed, one-hand adjustable impact shield (patent pending) adjusts for highest comfort perfectly to the child’s body and additionally offers more freedom of movement of the upper body as well as maximum safety especially in frontal impacts when compared to conventional five-point harness systems.
3 Position Reclining Headrest: When it’s time for a nap, the patented, reclining headrest prevents the your little one’s head from tipping forward. It supports the head to remain in the safety zone of the headrest at all times, which is especially important in the event of a side-impact collision. Together with the headrest, the L.S.P. System offers increased safety by reducing the forces of a side-impact collision.
The 3-position reclining headrest cleverly prevents the child’s head from falling forward while asleep.
The CYBEX patented reclining headrest guarantees optimal protection in the case of a side-impact. This revolutionary technology safely shifts the balance point of the child’s head slightly back and prevents it from falling forward when the child is asleep. In the case of a side-impact collision, the child’s sensitive head remains within the safety zone of the seat, ensuring optimal protection. Furthermore, our patented 3-position headrest offers a more comfortable sleeping position for a safe and peaceful journey.
Integrated Side-Impact Protection: The L.S.P. System of the Pallas S-Fix offers increased safety during a side-impact collision. The L.S.P. System reduces the forces of an impact in the event of a side-impact collision by approximately 25% when compared to the same car seat without L.S.P. extended.
One-hand Recline Function: For a relaxed and peaceful journey the smart one-hand recline function makes it easy for parents to adjust the Pallas S-Fix to a sleeping position while keeping one hand free (Group 1).
2-in-1 Seat: The Pallas S-Fix is a 2-in-1 seat, adjusting to the growth of your child and can be used from 9 months up to 12 years. In Group 1 the adjustable impact shield doubles as an inflatable airbag and, in a collision, protects against neck injuries without being restrictive. For children from approx. 3 years and above, the seat can be easily converted into a Group 2/3 seat from the Solution series.
2-in-1 seat
Patented reclining headrest
Use from 9 months up to 12 years
One-hand adjustable impact shield
Comfortable one-hand recline function
ISOFIX Connect for extra stability and safety
Integrated Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System)
Energy-absorbing shell: The flexible material structure absorbs the force of an impact
Ventilation system: Provides a comfortable seat temperature for your child, even on hot days
12-position height-adjustable headrest: Offers customized adjustment for comfortable protection as your child grows
Extra-wide and deep seat cushion: Ensures a comfortable ride for your child throughout the years


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