Harry Potter” Hogwarts” Crests


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Harry Potter” fans seeking a project to reflect their passion can build 1 of 4 crests with this LEGO Art Harry Potter Hogwarts” Crests (31201) wall art set and enjoy a relaxing escape into an iconic world. Stress relieverBuild a tile mosaic picture of the Hogwarts crest of your choice Gryffindor”, Slytherin”, Hufflepuff” or Ravenclaw” with this 4,249-piece wall art set. As you build, listen to the included Soundtrack and learn more about the houses and the world of Harry Potter. Readyfor a change? Rebuild it into a new crest or collect all 4 sets to create the ultimate Hogwarts crest. Creative hobbies for adultsYou don t have to be an artist or LEGO collector to appreciate the beauty and creativity of this set. Once it s complete, you can display it with pride in your home or office. This LEGO Art set is part of a collection of building kits focused on art, music, design and architecture, which make great gifts for any adult (including yourself) seeking a new hobby or project.


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