Hogwarts”: Fluffy Encounter


Hogwarts” adventures with Fluffy, the 3-headed dog

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Young witches and wizards will enjoy endless magical fun with LEGO Harry Potter” Hogwarts”: Fluffy Encounter (76387). This reconfigurable playset features favourite characters, familiar locations and a 3-headed dog for 3 times the fun! Authentic Hogwarts adventures with FluffyPut Harry Potter magic into kids hands with 3 popular minifigures Harry Potter, Ron Weasley” and Hermione Granger” and Fluffy, the giant, 3-headed Hogwarts dog. Fluffy s legs can be placed into a range of positions and each of the 3 movable heads shows a different expression. The set comprises 5 separate modules that connect in a variety of ways: a large room with a trap door; magic-practice room; rooftop; balcony room; and a room containing the tangled tentacles of the Devil s Snare plant. There are other surprises too: an exclusive, golden, anniversary Hermione Granger minifigure, 2 random wizard card tiles, and the chance to add more rooms to create an entire Hogwarts Castle model.


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