Hogwarts” Moment: Potions Class


Magical Harry Potter” Potions classroom playset

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LEGO Harry Potter” Hogwarts” Moment: Potions Class (76383) is a Hogwarts” classroom playset hidden inside a brick-built playbook. Kids open the cover to be transported to Professor Snape s Potions lesson. Portable potion-making playsetThis magical set is bursting with features and accessories to inspire imaginative role play. Some are built-in, such as the shelves, and some are loose, like the furniture and blackboard, which lift out to expand the play space. This enchanting Harry Potter playset combines with others in the collection. Each opens to transport the child to a different Hogwarts classroom adventure and features a distinctively colored cover decorated with a unique motif. The full range also connect to create a 360-degree Hogwarts play experience. Magical treats to inspire kids’ imaginationsIf you’re looking for an amazing gift for a Harry Potter fan, the wide range of LEGO Harry Potter playsets offer a choice of captivating gifts that will enchant any young witch or wizard.


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