Kinderkraft Vado Group 0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat – Grey


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Kinderkraft Vado Group 0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat – Grey
The Kinderkraft Vado Group 0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat – Grey guarantees maximum safety for your little one aswell as peace of mind for you. It has dedicated safety systems and gives the possibility of rearward-facing transport of children up to 18 kg.
VADO – safety seat for children from birth to approx. 7 years (0-25 kg, RWF 0-18 kg)
All Kinderkraft car seats are subjected to rigorous crash tests by the renowned Dutch institute, TASS INTERNATIONAL. Even after they have been placed on the market, they are subject to further, multi-stage inspections. All the products are manufactured in accordance with technical requirements in Europe, and the standards of their production are confirmed by the ECE R44.04 European safety certificate. The upholstery materials of our seats are manufactured without any harmful chemicals and have been tested by the renowned Intertek institute. Thanks to this you can be sure that your child’s comfort and safety is guaranteed.
VADO allows you to transport your child in the safest position, i.e. rearward-facing, up to 18 kg, i.e. up to about 4 years of age. This model can be used forward-facing, but not before the child reaches the weight of 9 kg. The seat is mounted on a stable base, which increases the child’s safety by taking the first impact force. The base is equipped with the ISOFIX system and the change of the seat position is very intuitive and takes only a moment. The correctness of the seat fastening to the base is confirmed by the indicator.
The reinforced headrest has 3 layers,which protects the head and cervical spine during side and rear impacts.The seat shell is specially reinforced to absorb the impact force. Providing greater safety in side impacts.The system ensures the safety of the child by allowing quick and simultaneous adjustment of the headrest and belts without the need to refasten them. The headrest can be adjusted with one hand to suit your child’s height and needs. You can choose from 11 positions (50-66 cm)
The Kinderkraft Vado Group 0+/1/2 ISOFIX Car Seat – Grey has 3 additional inserts for your little one, which you’re able to adjust the seat to the size of the child.The Seat is also equipped with 5-point internal belts with soft protectors, which, thanks to a special coating, will not slip off the clothes and will always stay in place.
Distinctive Features:
Safe rearward-facing transport of children up to 18 kg with ISOFIX + TT
Optionally, forward-facing transport after exceeding 9 kg
Tested at Tass International and Intertek
Base seat – easy to switch positions between forward- and rearward-facing
Dedicated safety systems
4 correct installation indicators
Injection-moulded, impact-absorbing seat shell
Installation using the ISOFIX system and the TOP TETHER belt
Headrest adjustable with one hand – 11 positions (50-66 cm)
Seat inclination adjustment with one hand – 4 positions
5-point safety belts with protectors
3 inserts for the youngest children
Magnetic belt retention hooks
Deep, spacious seat
Upholstery is pleasant to the touch, soft, durable and washable
The comfortable, spacious seat cushion made of Intertek-approved materials ensures that the baby will always have a soft and comfortable place to sit.
The Reclining function allows you to adjust the seat-inclination angle. Adjust it with one hand: let your child travel safely in a sitting or reclined position. You can choose between 4 forward-facing (FWF) positions and 1 rearward-facing (RWF) position.
Equipped with the ISOFIX system
The top tether belt provides extra stability in the event of a crash. When tightly tensioned, it prevents the seat from turning.
The system of indicators ensures correct installation of the seat on the base, ISOFIX anchor point fastening, stretching the TOP TETHER belt and securing the child with internal belts.
Thanks to the belt guides, it is easy to correctly secure the child, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.
There are magnetic belt hooks on the sides of the covers, which make it easier to seat the child in and take it out of the safety seat.
Removable, washable cover making sure the seat looks good for many years to come.
Weight group:
ECE 0+/I II/, RWF 0-18 kg
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