Koos R1 iSize 40-83cm 0-18 months Baby Car Seat


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.description-image-block { width:100%; } .whybuyme-image-container { clear:both; margin:0 auto; overflow:hidden; width:100%; } .feature-image-block { width:49%; float:left; } .description-image-box { width:18%; display:inline-block; float:left; margin:1%; text-align:center; } .description-image-box img { width:100%; border:0px solid #000000; box-shadow: 0 4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2), 0 6px 20px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.19); } .modelpageheadtitle { text-align:center; background:rgb(17, 41, 77); color:white; font-size:20px; line-height:20px; padding:2%; } .modelpageparagraph { text-align:left; background:none; color:black; font-size:14px; line-height:20px; padding:2%; } @media screen and (max-width:768px) { .description-image-box { width:48%; margin:1%; } .description-image-box:first-child { margin-left:0%; } .description-image-box img { width:100%; } } Koos i-Size R1 car seat The new iSize car seat with dual installation: isofix or seat belt Group 0+ / i-Size / Height: 40 to 83 cm / Age: 0 up to 18 months Installation: vehicles 3-point seat belt or optional Isofix Platform in the car. Complies with Safety Regulations ECE R44/04 and the new R129 iSize. Classified as a “Universal” car seat. Compatible with all Jané pushchairs and most pushchairs on the market with Multi or Maxi-Cosi fixing points when used with the optional Pro-fix to Multi Car Seat converters. iSize infant car safety seat This is an enhanced “i-SIZE” child restraint system. It has been approved under Regulation ECE R129/00 for use on “i-SIZE compatible” vehicle seats when used with the iPlatform base. The KOOS iSIZE R1 child car seat can also be installed with ISOFIX (category D as indicated in the vehicle instruction manual) or with the car seat belt, universal classification. Depending on your car and personal needs, you can choose the best installation method that suits your situation. As the Koos iSize R1 is also fitted with the PROFIX system, it means that it can be installed into the car or fitted onto the Jané chassis to make a travel system with just one easy click-and-go movement. . – Pro-fix System – Maximum convenience with a single click Like the rest of the Jané range, the Jané KOOS iSIZE infant car seat is fitted with the PROFIX system (patented). This means it can be connected quickly and safely with just one movement onto the ISOFIX base in the car or onto the pushchair chassis. With Jané everything is integrated into the system, so with the simple press of a button your travel system can be transformed. – Awards – – Why Buy Me? – Install with Seat Belt Koos iSize R1 can be installed using the vehicle seat belt or iPlatform Isofix Base Koos iSize R1 can also be installed using the iPlatform isofix base. Highest Safety Greatly improved safety performance and protection for baby’s head and neck with new high impact-absorbing memory foam head protector. Simultaneous Adjustments Simultaneous safety harness and headrest adjustment. Complete with 40-60 cm cushion insert, for newborns. Side Impact Protectors Built-in side impact protection for greater safety. – Technical Characteristics – Koos iSize R1 Infant Car Seat Koos iSize R1 complies with the R44/4 and the new R129 (iSize) European Safety Regulations. It can be installed with car seat belts (ECE R44/04). Suitable for infants from birth to 18 months approx. Group 0+ 0-13kg, or children with a height of between 40-83 cm. Optional isofix base available: iPlatform, this is the quickest and safest installation system, as it prevents any installation errors that could affect safety. Dual installation: isofix or seat belt. The PROFIX connection system makes it compatible with the new iPlatform ISOFIX base and all Jané pushchairs. Side impact protectors that are specially designed to absorb side impacts along with the adjustable headrest. Fitted with “memory foam” for maximum dissipation of loads in the event of a side impact. Multi-functional buttons for easy carrying handle adjustment and travel system chassis release. Adjustable headrest to 5 positions. The headrest adjusts to suit the baby’s height, and can be adjusted while your baby is still in the seat. Straps adjust and adapt automatically when you adjust the headrest to your baby’s height. 3-Point safety harness with one-pull adjustment. Removable and washable upholstery. Correct installation indicators. The adjustable hood is breathable, repels water and protects from the sun UV50+. iSize means more peace of mind. Not all current child car seats fit all car models securely. However, all iSize car seats do fit all cars equipped with the ISOFIX system. New 40-60 cm cushion insert, for newborns, which improves the resting angle and increases safety in the event of side impact. Dimensions: 66 x 44 x 58 cm Weight: 3 kg Travel System Compatible Can be attached to all Jané pushchairs using its Pro-fix installation system and is also compatible with other brands of pushchairs on the market with Multi, Universal or Maxi-Cosi fixing points when used with the optional Pro-fix to Multi Car Seat converters. i-Size Car Seats and Vehicle Compatibility Seat Belt Installation This child seat is classified as “Universal” and is compatible with most cars. When the car manufacturer states that the vehicle seats are suitable for the installation of “Universal” type car seats, this means that there is total compatibility. Refer to your vehicles handbook. Isofix Base Installation The i-Size (R129) safety standard has been developed together with car manufacturers to ensure full compatibility between the Child Restraint Systems (CRS) and the car. An i-Size CRS is 100% compatible with an i-Size vehicle seat and almost all cars with Isofix anchors. For any query, ask the shop assistant when you buy it, or ask JANÉ directly. KOOS ISIZE R1 Car Seat Age Range and Installation Methods Group Body weight Size / Approx. Age Installation position Restraint system Installation method Category 0+ 0-13 kg birth – 18 months Rearward facing 5-point harness 3 point seat belt or Isofix + Anti Rotation Leg Universal For use in vehicles with seat belts “Universal” or with ISOFIX when used with optional iPlatform base. Group 0+ rearward facing position, uses vehicle 3-point seat belt, or with isofix + anti-rotation leg when used in combination with the iPlatform isofix base. Downloads Jane KOOS ISIZE R1 car seat: Instruction manual. NEWS ARTICLE: Eurotest 2019, Europe’s ultimate car seat test, gives Jane car seats the green light.


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