Pet Day-Care Centre


Detailed brick-built set to delight animal-loving kids

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Know someone who s mad about four-legged friends? Treat animal-loving kids aged 7+ with a gift of the Pet Day-Care Centre (41718). It comes with 4 animals, including a dog toy, 3 mini-dolls and a micro-doll, and is packed with cool details. Details to delightStarting with the front doors there s one for the mini-dolls and one for the animals kids will love exploring all the features of this LEGO Friends gift. They ll have fun teaching their dog to perform new tricks, leading it through the agility course and teaching it to ride a skateboard. As a reward, pets get to whizz down one of the colorful slides into a pool. Digital building funHeartlake City toys come with real-world details to help little builders explore their passions. This collectible toy also includes interactive building instructions, available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app. The zoom and rotate tools let kids visualize their model as they build.


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