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A perfect escape from modern life! Get ready to travel back to the 1950s with this LEGO Pickup Truck (10290) building project. Packed with details, this true-to-life model recreates the vintage pickup truck shape with its rounded lines. Explore the model to discover realistic pickup truck features like a stepside bed, opening doors and tailgate and removable wooden side railings. Celebrate the seasonsThis truck is hard at work all year round, delivering produce from Green Farm. Create a seasonal display with the many accessories included. There s a wheelbarrow with flowers and a watering can for spring. For summer there are 2 wooden crates, tomatoes, carrots and a milk bucket. Autumn brings a crate of pumpkins, while for winter there is a wreath and a festive gift. Love the journeyThis set is part of a collectible series of LEGO buildable models for adults who appreciate beautiful design. It offers an immersive build and will make a top gift for any fan of vintage pickup truck models.


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