Vital Baby Nurture Advanced Pro Uv-Black (2021)


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The Vital Baby Nurture Advanced Pro UV Steriliser in Artic White is the latest innovative steriliser and dryer, featuring advanced technology to kill 99. 99% of bacteria, mould and viruses, without the fuss of conventional sterilises that use chemicals, water or heat. Using UV LED technology, your tools will be sterilised in just 7 minutes! From bottles, teats, soothers, toys, breast pumps and more? there are endless cleaning opportunities to ensure the surface is safe your baby. Features: Sterilise mode ? advanced, energy efficient UV LED’s and expertly designed diamond efficiency interior gives a super-fast sterilising time of 7 minutes Dry mode ? patented drying system and HEPA G4 filter dries contents in just 17 minutes, while also trapping dust, mould, bacteria and virus particles as small as PM2. 5 (that’s about 3% of the diameter of a human hair!) Auto mode ? Starting with a drying cycle before automatically performing a sterilising cycle, this mode gives you sterile and dry contents, ready to use in just 29 minutes Store mode ? Completes a full 29-minute sterilising and drying cycle, before periodically activating the bacteria killing UV LED’s for 1 minute, every hour, for up to 3 days No need for water, chemicals or heat Safely destroys 99. 99% bacteria, viruses & mould in just 7 minutes using UV LED’s Super-fast sterile & dry in just 29 minutes Versatile use ? from bottles, soothers and toys to cosmetic brushes, mobile phones and keys L26 x W27 x H25cm Suitable from birth


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