Wildlife Rescue Camp


A wildlife playset with iconic animals!

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This LEGO City Wildlife Rescue Camp (60307) toy playset is packed with fun features. There s a well-equipped treehouse-camp with a watchtower, plus a floating dinghy, mobile research lab, motorbike and an ultralight. Kids also get 6 minifigures, including LEGO City TV character Sleet, plus elephant, lion, lioness, lion cub, eagle and monkey figures for fun-packed wildlife adventures. A build-and-play experience for kids aged 6 and upYou ll find easy-to-follow building instructions for this LEGO City playset in the box. Or you can download Instructions PLUS, part of the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets. This interactive construction guide, with amazing zoom and rotate viewing tools, turns kids into master builders! Toys that spark the imaginationLEGO City Wildlife playsets put kids at the heart of the action, with iconic animals, realistic settings, cool vehicles and inspiring characters that stimulate imaginative role play based on real-life events.


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