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Treat yourself to a little Luxe

Yesterday we took out little one to see Disney’s The Lion King, a fantastic movie for young and old, the whole experience is breath-taking, from the magnificent scenery, the graphics and the soundtrack it is all wonderful.  However the recently opened Odeon Luxe in Durham’s Riverwalk complex is a thing of beauty.  Everything is immaculate and has a high class feel, on entry you are welcomed by a modern and exciting reception area.

Costa machines, Self Service CocaCola Freestyle machines with over 100 flavours to choose from, the obligatory pick and mix, which is as usual, massively over priced, and self service ticket kiosks.  On our visit two of the three were out of order but nonetheless an impressive welcome.  Note for people planning to visit this cinema is in the centre of the city, but has a dedicated car park which is just £1.50 for 4 hours.

Our visit was to a standard screen, however this was far from standard.  Leather reclining seats, with tables attached, which are available as single seats, or can me made into a comfortable double seat by lifting up the arm rest.  The seats offer a great experience with more personal space than standard seating, and tons of leg room.  6ft people will struggle to reach the seats in front even by stretching.

This ODEON cinema has 6 screens, one of which is the new ODEON isense. which they say is……

ODEON ISENSE immerses you in the full sensory experience of cinema – on a massive scale.

ISENSE is ODEON’s immersive film experience. Combining cutting edge 4k projection, Dolby ATMOS 3D sound with an optimised screen, you’ll experience films like never before. All from the comfort of a luxury seat. ISENSE is the ultimate way to experience a film, it’s Breathtakingly Real.

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall – our ISENSE screens are huge; the perfect canvas for our state-of-the-art 4K digital projectors. Four times the resolution of standard projectors, they deliver almost nine million pixels for an even brighter, clearer and more detailed picture.

We are able to show all films in ISENSE, but those specifically mastered in 4K are even more spectacular. Each auditorium houses the largest screen possible and each screen is specifically curved to maximise light reflection, which is particularly important for 3D films.

We are yet to experience isense, but it looks very exciting!

The staff at this cinema were brilliant, as we had our 1 year old with us, the staff could tell us exactly when the movie would start, after the trailers, so that we could get in just before the main feature, to save little one sitting any longer than necessary.

Overall a great experience! made even better by saving 50% with Meerkat Movies.  If you haven’t gone Luxe Yet, its certainly worth it, and at £8.00 a ticket it isn’t going to break the bank.


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Disclosure: This is an honest reflection of our visit we were not compensated in any way.


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  1. Must go to Durham! Enjoy a touch of luxury! Thanks

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